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About Us

Handcrafted, limited-production Napa wines made exclusively for the Sigma Chi Brotherhood. A portion of the proceeds are given back to the Sigma Chi Fraternity & Foundation!

Support Sigma Chi

Proceeds are given back to Sigma Chi to endow scholarships for the International Balfour Award winner and finalist.

With every shipment, members of the 1855 Club support the scholarships for the International Balfour Award winner and finalist.  The winner receives $10,000, and each finalist $2,000 to further their post-graduate education.

Hear About the 1855 Club

“As Sigma Chis, we can create great things in life – but if we don’t share them, it is meaningless. I am proud of being a Sigma Chi and feel honored to make these wines for you. I hope you will enjoy and share them generously in the years ahead.”
Significant Sig Brandon R. Chaney, INDIANA 1993
Proprietor & CEO – Fairwinds Estate Winery & In Hoc Napa Valley
“Men join fraternities, leaders of men join Sigma Chi.”
Significant Sig John Wayne, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 1929
The Duke
“It has been such a blessing to watch our Sigma Chi alumni celebrate our great history with a glass of In Hoc Napa Valley.”
Order of Constantine Sig Steven Schuyler, ARIZONA 1979
71st Grand Consul – Sigma Chi Fraternity
“Sigma Chi is such a big part of our lives, and it is truly an honor to be members of the 1855 Club to support scholarships for the International Balfour Award.”
Order of Constantine and Significant Sig Keith PURDUE 1979 & Metta Krach
64th Grand Consul & 1997-99 International Sweetheart
“In Hoc Napa Valley is more than great wine. It is a celebration of our brotherhood and the history of our great fraternity. I am a proud member of the 1855 Club to give back to Sigma Chi!”
Order of Constantine Sig Dan Shaver, TEXAS TECH 1993
Sigma Chi Philanthropy Committee Chairman
“I love what Brandon is doing with In Hoc Napa Valley because it enhances the Sigma Chi lifelong experience beyond our college years.”
Significant Sig Stewart McClaurin, ALABAMA 1981
President – White House Historical Association
“I cannot thank Brandon and all the 1855 Club members enough for supporting this amazing wine program and helping undergraduate brothers further their education. I promise to make the Sigma Chi brotherhood proud.”
2020 International Balfour Award Winner Samuel Romes, LOUISVILLE 2020
2020 In Hoc Napa Valley Scholarship Recipient – $10,000
“The scholarship strengthens my resolve to pursue a career in medicine. I look forward to practicing as a physician, but the path itself is long and can be overwhelming. Winning the scholarship was one of those times where it felt like someone believed in me and was willing to help me along my way.”
2023 Runner-Up International Balfour Award Ethan Hunt, UC DAVIS 2023
2023 In Hoc Napa Valley Scholarship Recipient – $2,000

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